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Property Acquisition
Through our detailed investment analysis and intense prospecting process, Barclay Commercial Corporation strives to provide clients with a range of opportunities to better suit clients' needs and help them make informed decisions with confidence. With a dynamic understanding of client objectives, we locate both on and off market properties that fulfill all investment criteria.

Property Disposition
Utilizing our ever growing database of active real estate participants, Barclay Commercial Corporation has the capacity to market investment properties effectively and efficiently to a high volume of qualified buyers. By providing clear, accurate, and results-driven marketing brochures and cash flow projections, we add value to any transaction by ensuring you maximize the return on your investment by attaining the highest possible price at disposition.

Being able to accurately value any investment property in a timely manner is a pivotal key to success in the Commercial Real Estate Industry. Using cutting edge analysis, the Barclay Commercial Corporation team keeps itself in tune with constantly changing market conditions to uphold a thorough understanding of the Commercial Real Estate market.

Drawing on the success of our experiences, Barclay Commercial Corporation applies industry-specific expertise to provide clients with insight into highly specialized markets such as Student Housing and Assisted Seniors Living. In such a highly competitive industry, we help you create value by uncovering opportunities that the competition overlooks.

Ownership Participation
We service a diverse range of needs by bringing clients together to offer creative ownership structures. Whether Joint Venture, general partnership, or syndication, Barclay Commercial Corporation provides the organization required to structure an investment in the Commercial Real Estate market that works for you.

Commercial Leasing
Barclay Commercial Corporation is not active in the Commercial Leasing sector at this time. Through our network of affiliate partners, we ensure the needs of all our clients are satisfied.

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